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"The Last Sentinel" (Sci Fi Channel)

Don Wilson and Katee Sackhoff co-star in the new original movie "The Last Sentinel" which airs on the Sci Fi Channel. They play soldiers in a world of the future. There is more action than talk in this film and that is a good thing.

In the future according to this film there will be a war between the soldiers (humans) and the drones (machines). This seems to be a recurring theme in sci fi flicks. In "The Last Sentinel" Tallis (Wilson) is a human but he is electronically enhanced. He appears to be just about the last person left on earth, but then he meets a girl (Sackhoff) and the two of them plot to save the planet.

Wilson is not the most dynamic of actors but his role doesn't require much of him except to be tough and strong. He manages to convey those traits. Sackhoff is the girl who is equal to any man. This is basically the same role she plays on "Battlestar Galactica" and so she knows what is required of her. I wasn't that impressed with her on "Battlestar" and I am not that impressed with her in this film.

Still she brings a lot of fans with her from "Battlestar" and I am sure they will thrill to her actions and acting in this film. After all she plays a woman who can hold her own in any battle.

Keith David, Steven Bauer and Bokeem Woodbine have small roles in the movie but they are not on screen long enough to make an impression. A few more interesting characters might have helped the film.

As is, the movie is filled with one firefight after another, and a final showdown between Wilson and the head drone. That is enough for a Saturday Night Flick on the Sci Fi Channel.

"The Last Sentinel" premieres on the Sci Fi Channel Saturday, May 12 at 9PM.

©2007 Jackie K. Cooper

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