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Hollywood, CA (October 26, 2006) Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here. I’m curious how much of Uncapie’s reaction to this movie is because of the film, and how much is because he harbors the same raging geek crush on Starbuck that the rest of fandom does at the moment. It’s cool. She’s deeply crush-worthy. So what is this film? Check it out:

Greetings Harry and fellow AICNers:

Just got back from seeing a preview of the new action film, "The Last Sentinel" and it was most excellent!

Story starts off in the near future where scientist Steven Bauer creates a group of robot drones to serve and protect man. The automatons gain a collective mind of their own. Deciding that they could do better without the human race, they instigate an all-out wall. With mankind on the brink of extinction, the last survivor of his elite infantry unit, Tallis, decides to make a stand.

Tallis is portrayed by Don "the Dragon" Wilson in a surprisingly, subdued role reminiscent of Kurt Russell in the underrated, "Soldier." He's quite good in this as his viewpoint is told through his mannerisms and eye contact that delve into a desolate, broken soul trained since birth for combat.

Keith David, always a favorite, fills the shoes of Tallis' no-nonsense , company commander, Colonel Norton, in a solid role as does Bokeem Woodbine as Anchilles, Tallis' combat buddy.

But, its Katie Sackhoff that steals the show as a solitary member of a group of rebels that are attacked and wiped out by the drones. This talented actress has the makings of star written all over her in the coming years. She handles her action scenes with the smooth, fluid grace of a dancer. Her delivery of dialogue is crisp and right-on-the-money. And one for all you Katie fans out there; she does a tastefully shot washing scene.

Director Jesse Johnson delivers the goods. His hands-on directing with the action scenes is solid and he knows how to tell a story. One particular moment is when Tallis discovers that a female scientist is sending out a distress call for the drones for help. He nonchalantly points his gun and blows her away as he continues his discussion with a slack-jawed Steven Bauer as if nothing happened. Tallis is a guy you don't want to have pissed off at you.

Cinematographer Robert Hayes does an outstanding job with the use of diffusion filters, shadows and angles to give this film a moody atmosphere. Ken Blackwell's editing is fast-paced and top-notch along with amazing sound man Daniel Guerra adding style and flair to this film.

The film's soundtrack by Marcello De Francisci was commented by many people who left the screening. Mr. De Francisci, who was in attendence, was kind enough to hand out copies of his music to several delighted fans.

"The Last Sentinel" trailer is on-line right here for those of you who want to see more.

Overall, this was one of the better films I've seen of this genre and its much better than some of the disappointing summer fare that came out this year.


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