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A World of Experience. A World of Financial Rewards.

It is an idea whose time has come: investing in micro budget independent filmmaking.

In the 80s and 90s, the only way an individual could invest in the movie business was by purchasing stock in blue chips like Disney, Orion, Universal, Paramount, or Warner, etc. Or they could purchase shares in a publicly traded limited partnership like Silver Screen Partners. Today's current economic uncertainty in a world of $300 million blockbusters with budgets in the $100 million range no longer presents a viable investment opportunity for individual investors. Many high net worth investors and private equity funds are now financing independent films as an alternative to shaky public equity markets, real estate, and the so-so performance of static hedge funds. Studios have consolidated their in-house production by almost 50% and are hungry for externally acquired product as exemplified by the success of films like SAW, Napoleon Dynamite, and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. A history of returns for the independent film investor paints an attractive picture for those seeking to capitalize on a forward-moving industry. Consider these notable American film successes:

Open Water, 2004$130K US$31 Million US
Tadpole, 2002$150K US$10 Million US
Chasing Amy, 1997$500K US$12 Million US
In The Company of Men, 1997   $200K US   $2.8 Million US

Though these returns are intended as examples of film successes, not projections of WFI films, clearly even a modestly successful project can potentially yield high returns. And as is indicated, potential returns for low budget films can be spectacular.

In producing quality projects such as Crooked, The Last Sentinel and The Butcher, WFI endeavors to provide investors with maximum returns and minimal risk. Digital technology along with lightening fast computer processors, offline editorial, online editorial, full audio sweetening, ADR facilities, a visual effects/computer generated imaging software, and elements like a "virtual" shoot stage have changed the face of the industry for independent film producers. Independents now compete on the grounds of creativity, not just money, thereby leveling the playing field for financial success.

World Films, Inc. provides opportunities for investors in the exciting world of film production and international motion picture distribution. WFI has focused on the differentiating points, WFI's Creative Force of Talent and leading-edge technology, to produce a staple of films that include high action, thrillers, horror, sci-fi, martial arts, comedy, and family entertainment venues that have high appeal to audiences globally. Concentrating on lower budget features under $1 million, WFI and its partners are positively positioned to make solid inroads into the cable, DVD and television markets.

To learn more about investing in quality American films with international appeal, please contact us at:

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