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Hollywood, CA (November 7, 2006) Battlestar Galactica star Katee Sackhoff told SCI FI Wire that she signed on for her latest film, the upcoming SF-action film The Last Sentinel, because it was a fast, down-and-dirty shoot, as well as an opportunity to perform many of her own stunts. "The Last Sentinel is a small independent film that I got excited about because Jesse Johnson is the director," Sackhoff said in an interview. "He's a second-time director, and he's a stunt coordinator with a huge list of big-box-office action films on his resume. And it was basically a film where I got to do a lot of my own stunts and a knife fight and got to spend a couple of weeks in the desert freezing my butt off."

The Last Sentinel also stars Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Stephen Bauer, Keith David, Bokeem Woodbine and Nils Allen Stewart. Sackhoff said that the movie is not far removed from Battlestar Galactica. "In an apocalyptic society, the human race is being wiped out by robots, like droids," she said. "And there's a resistance. My character is part of the resistance. But the character is different from Kara Thrace. Kara Thrace knows how to do everything, and she does everything, and this is a character who's not as capable. She didn't choose to go into the military. She felt if she was going to survive, she didn't have a choice. Since she doesn't really know what she's doing, she's just kind of flying by the seat of her pants and hoping that she doesn't die, which was kind of fun to play."

Sackhoff added: "It was fun. It was fun to do a little independent film and have to be there every day. It definitely knocks you back down a peg or two and reminds you of what it was like when you first started in this business. People weren't running around and trying to accommodate you. So it was pretty interesting. I had a great time."

Sackhoff said that she particularly enjoyed the fighting scenes. "We went through so much ammunition on this job that I was blown away," she said. "I constantly had a machine gun in my hands, and that's the stuff that I love to do. My agent-manager is like, 'OK, we need to find you a nice little romantic comedy where no one dies, you're not covered in blood the entire time, you're not dirty, and you have no guns.' I said, 'OK, that sounds good to me.'" The Last Sentinel is in post-production, with an eye toward a 2007 release. —Ian Spelling

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