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Video Views (February 2007) Sci-Fi/Action Rating Pending. last of the warriors, our last hope... The Last Sentinel. It's defences crippled, mankind has been slaughtered to the brink of extinction by the drone police. Tallis is the last of the last, after his unit was destroyed in the final terrible battle of the last great war. Living a life of survival, he is only ever one step ahead of the creation humankind hoped would bring peace on Earth, the Drone. When Tallis crosses paths with a young freedom fighter known only as "The Girl" his world changes. Tallis finds his reason to fight again, but, this time he'll wage outright war! Set against a back ground of mythic proportions, with a spectacular cast of characters, "The Last Sentinel" is the story of a hero of ancient principals, of a poet warrior of the classic type. I will say first that ever since his smash hit "Pit Fighter" I became a instant fan of Jesse Johnson, not only by his impressive resume as a stunt man but by the way he direted a film on a very small budget and really made a great action film with alot of heart.

Since then I have been looking forward to his next project and today I got the chance to finally see "The Last Sentinel". a Sci-Fi Action film starring Don the "Dragon" Wilson, Katee Sackhoff(Battlestar Gallactica),Bokeem Woodbine,Keith David and Steven Bauer(Scarface). I have to admit I was worried how a follow up to "Pit Fighter" would be as it really set the bar high but I was not disappointed. First off I was pleased to see some excellent character development early in the film helping to set the tone and give you a feel for the characters you were seeing. Don Wilson is great in the role as the last of the famous 700th, briging great emotion to his character as well as displaying to all that he still can do action scenes with the best of em. Th Last Sentinel is an Epic Sci-Fi Action film in every sense of the word and it's the films action scenes(which start early and never stop till the exciting climax) that really blew me away.

I knew Jesse Johnson was a natural for create great action scenes that are very realistic but I have not seen the kinda realistic. jaw-dropping fight scenes since "Saving Private Ryan". The big shots in Hollywood really need to pay attention to the work this man is doing, he truly knows how to make an action film both gritty and realistic and with character's you care about. Sadly I do not have alot of information on release dates at this time but keep checking the home page as soon as I know more I will post updates as this is a film worth seeing. Jesse told me "I desperately wanted to make the kind of film that I would watch over and over again when I was a teenager" well he has done that and much more, this is a film to be very proud of and one that will surely generate more fans of his work. Released by Gorilla Pictures.

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