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The Creative Force

With creative energy, business acumen and the tenacity of a world champion you get the uncompromising Thad "Ted" Pryor, the creative force behind the much-heralded World Films, Inc.

Throughout his martial arts career-both on and off the big screen, Thad "Ted" Pryor was embraced by the media and lived up to his acclaim by earning the title of Super Middleweight Kick Boxing Champion of the World. His entrepreneurial skills segued into successful business ventures that combined state of the art education and childcare.

In addition to Thad's business prowess and entertainment industry connections, he has decades of notable experience with leading entertainment names that include ABC Television, CBS Television, Warner Bros., Disney, and Fox as well as Worldwide Film Distribution.

Thad (Ted) Pryor
Winner of the WKA Super Middleweight World Kick Boxing Championship 82' thru 87', and Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee in 07', Thad was voted "Best of Breed" in the martial arts domain. His professional career as a kick boxer took him around the world as he defended his title in Asia, Europe and the United States. It was during this time his keen interest in the business arena began to develop. He took his heart, desire and determination not to lose from the ring into the business world. His powerful communication skills, ability to develop creative opportunities and strong work ethic led him to a career as a very successful real estate developer and franchisor. Through his tutelage he again is a force to be reckoned with as he expands his 'Children of America' childcare organization into one of the nations leading childcare groups. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, an unparalleled curriculum and a philosophy of 'unconditional commitment' the company has 36 locations with a noted 75 more in development in 11 states.

Bringing his leadership skills and creative prowess into the movie industry he continues his 'commitment to excellence' both in front of the camera and behind the scenes as Executive Producer. His relationships with the martial arts and entertainment industry has been a key component in attracting core talent to the WFI "Creative Force" team.

Bill Gottlieb
Bill Gottlieb is well respected in the industry for his creative talents as producer and writer for some of the most memorable shows in TV history. A few of his credits include The Cosby Show, LA Law, Family Ties and The Golden Girls.

After decades in the entertainment industry, Mr. Gottlieb formed Gorilla Pictures, now the Post-Production arm for WFI. Gorilla Pictures is a full-service Post-Production facility capable of producing full length feature films with complete Offline Editorial, Online Editorial, Audio Sweetening, ADR Record Facilities, a Visual Effects/CGI team and a "Virtual" Shoot Stage. Recent accomplishments include the computer generated imagery family movie, The Legend Of Sasquatch, starring the vocal talents of William Hurt and John Rhys-Davies along with Broadway child stars Blaire and Jewel Restaneo.

Mr. Gottlieb has concluded several successful projects for ABC Television, CBS Television, Warner Bros. International, Buena Vista Television, The Carsey-Werner Company, Fox Kids Worldwide, PBS and Warner Bros.

Jesse Johnson
Jesse Johnson's transition from Actor/Stuntman to Writer/Director brings a new dimension to the film world with his unique approach to directing action scenes. As a result of his diverse background his work is realistic and concise and it is this approach that will be the corner stone of WFI's next picture, The Last Sentinel due to be released in the Spring of 2006.

Mr. Johnson has been involved in every aspect of performing, creating and directing stunts including work on the last Indiana Jones, Planet of the Apes and The Honorable. In his recent directorial debut, the martial arts film, Pit Fighter, Mr. Johnson has created some of the most gripping combat scenes ever filmed. With his distinctive approach to directing, he is a compelling asset to the WFI team.

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