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WFI Memorabilia

World Film Famous Props/Memorabilia
WFI's national and international audiences become even more involved in our movies when they have the opportunity to view some of the film industry's most treasured icons. World Film, Inc.'s Co-chairman and Executive Director Anthony V. Pugliese, III, has assembled one of the world's most admired collections of movie, music, TV and Harry Houdini memorabilia, and it gives him great pleasure to share these treasures with WFI's viewing audiences worldwide.

The Latest Additions To WFI's Memorabilia Collection
John Lennon Suit John Lennon - World Films, Inc. has acquired the famous John Lennon white suit as seen on the cover of The Beatles "Abbey Road" album. Torch Olympic Relay Torch - This is an authentic Olympic Relay Torch used in the 1972 Munich Olympics Relays which included 6,000 runners in the 5,532 km relay from Turkey, Greece, Austria, Bulgaria and ultimately arriving at the 1972 Munich Olympic Stadium.
Bob Mackie, Costume and Couture designer to the stars, the Sheik of Sequins known for his glitter and glitz created the fabulous costumes shown here for Cher, and Elton John. They were acquired at the recent MACKIE, Costume & Couture ­ Private Archives of Bob Mackie's Christie's & Julien's auction in New York.
Sharon Stone Sharon Stone - wore this dress in the 1995 film Casino starring Sharon Stone, Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci. This revealing Mackie dress is nude net embroidered with a beaded grapevine pattern and embellished with sequins. Elton John Elton John - A Bob Mackie creation designed for and worn by Elton John on a 1975 Cher television special, complete with crystal platform boots.
Cher Cher - An outrageous costume design for Cher "Turquoise was her favourite colour ...the costume is insane!" - Bob Mackie Elton John Elton John - A multi-coloured metallic dressing gown with matching jumpsuit. Designed by Bob Mackie for Elton John appearances
Whoopi Goldberg Whoopi Goldberg - The Supreme Bob Mackie Costume - The Queen Elizabeth I costume worn by Whoopi Goldberg during the 1999 Academy Awards was a complete show stopper with its bell-shaped skirt, ear-skimming ruff and pinball display of baubles and gewgaws from head to toe.

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